Who We Are


Established in 2002, DG Paints, restricted has come back a protracted thanks to get pleasure from the privilege of being Pakistan’s “No. one commercialism National Brand”.
Through our dedicated team of around four hundred people and a network that distributes to over 1200 ornamental and business dealers nationwide, beside that done abroad, we tend to square measure incessantly progressing and evolving ourselves. With DG Paints’ sheer determination, vision and therefore the urge to be the best industrial, Powder Coating and ornamental paint makers within the business, our customers will rest assured that we tend to maintaining with their ever ever-changing wants. we tend to square measure within the business of transferral our customers’ imaginations to life

DG Paints Vision

Our vision at dg paint’s is to be the market leader in the paint industry by being sensitive to consumer needs and ensuring complete customer satisfaction through continuous exponential progression in our products and processes

DG Paints Mission

We fulfill the aesthetic and coloring needs of our customers by manufacturing and marketing top quality decorative and industrial paints in Pakistan and abroad by utilizing modern machinery and innovative processes while abiding by international standards. We aim to become the leading Pakistani brand by constantly striving to realize consistent growth by capitalizing unexplored markets and adopting Shariah Compliant best business practices. We contribute to emancipate the underprivileged class particularly within the health and education sector and are committed to professional and ethical development of our human assets

Our Core Value

Customer Satisfaction:

We remain committed with professional honesty to worry for and satisfy our internal and external Customers so as to realize their loyalty.

Visionary Approach:

We are committed to pursue a holistic long term vision in the better interest of the world at large and company in general.


We strive to remain abreast to absorb modern technologies, systems and processes. Our team will Inshallah generate innovate solutions and quality products to meet customer demands.

Human assets:

We highly value our human assets and still invest in their intellectual, professional, spiritual and physical development. While promoting a culture of mutual respect, we remain sensitive to them and their families’ well being thus having their affiliation and loyalty during and beyond their engagement with us. We always appreciate and rejoice all moments of our successes and achievements with our team.

Social Services:

We contribute a significant amount of our earnings to help our underprivileged brethren in the health and education sectors.

Sharia Compliance:

We endeavor to bring our business practices, internal processes and products to comply with Sharia requirements under the guidance of renowned Ulemas.